Client: Webnex
Project: Re-design of 3Com's Intranet Solutions Site

In the summer of 1997, DF Communications partnered with Webnex Inc., a Los Altos-based Web design and development firm, to form a team to re-design 3Com's (now defunct) Intranet Solutions Center web site, and manage the ongoing development of content for it. 3Com wanted to expand and refine the site to turn it into a "one-stop shop" for information and resources on all aspects of intranet design and deployment.

Working with 3Com, the Webnex team analyzed and evaluated the site's existing architecture and content, as well as traffic patterns, to determine the overall effectiveness of the site in meeting the client's marketing and business objectives.

Each member of the team was assigned primary responsibility for one of three main sections of the site, and identified different areas that could be improved via re-structuring and/or by adding more value to the existing information infrastructure.

As Content Manager, DF Communications conducted a thorough evaluation of the Building Blocks section of the site which consisted primarily of long lists of links to the sites of manufacturers and vendors of 3rd party Intranet and Web-related products, organized into very broad categories. We recommended restructuring this all-important section and adding content enhancements that would transform it into a valuable repository and comprehensive resource for information on intranet-related tools and technologies.

DF Communications also provided support and input on recommended improvements to the other main sections, and authored an Executive Guide to Intranets for the site.

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