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Client: Akubot
Project: Site Design Prototyping

The creator and owner of Akubot a small multi-service web hosting provider wanted to try on a new, more professional look for his existing web site before moving forward with an expansion of his business into search engine technology among other things. He selected DF Communications to create a simple design prototype based on some very specific requirements he outlined --including a new type treatment for his logo-- to help him visualize the direction he wanted to head in.

Among the things desired were a professional, confidence-instilling, "easy on the eyes" clean look; cross-plaform compatability and consistency in display; page content that fits "above the fold;" and a layout that looks good at resolutions of 800 x 640 and higher.

We played around with various typographical treatments for the text logo until we found one that resembled the existing one but with a substantially heavier weight to project more authority and an oblique slant to imply speed in forward motion. Rendering the text logo in white reversed out against a gradient blue made it more prominent yet friendly communicating confidence and reliability. Upon our recommendation, the number of main category headings were narrowed down from four to three and related services were grouped under each category as subheadings linking to the appropriate subsections for each category. Each section is vertically delineated by a subtle dotted line. Plenty of white space provides an "easy on the eyes" clean look. Small photographic images act as representations of the service categories offered.

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