Cathy Hammer

Cathy Hammer
Client:   Cathy Hammer
Project: Original Site Design & Content Development

Cathy Hammer approached DF Communications in the summer of 1998 to help her create and build a personal portfolio site designed to highlight her many skills and accomplishments as they might apply to a new career direction she wanted to pursue

DF Communications interviewed Cathy extensively to identify the specific attributes and skill sets she had that could be easily transferred to a job in another field. Using the information gleened from these interviews in combination with Cathy's resume and other materials, Donya revised, edited, and wrote the content that would form the basis of the initial site.

The site is arranged in such a way as to call immediate attention to her work experiences involving Program Design and Production --a key skill area for the field she was aiming to move into at the time. In addition, we created an area with relevent personal information to give potential employers or clients a real sense of who Cathy is as a person. Among the content items that were developed for this section were:

  • A bio
  • A Web-formatted resume
  • An area highlighting special interests
  • A section with endorsements

Donya quizzed Cathy about her color preferences and used them to design a simple, clean, professional-looking, and easy to read site with subtle color accents sprinkled throughout.

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