Design Tribe

Design Tribe

Client:   Design Tribe
Project: Banner Ad & Site Production

DesignTribe (now Brand Ladder), already a well-established and respected player in the traditional branding and marketing arena, originally engaged DF Communications in the summer of 1998 to assist in the production of several animated Web Banner Ads for CollegeEdge. Armed with artwork, storyboards and the client's file size requirements, DF Communications quickly produced a trio of animated gifs for a Yahoo banner ad campaign.

Shortly after the banner ad project was completed, DesignTribe, looking to expand it's service offerings and acquire more Web design clients, hired DF Communications to assess and overhaul its existing Web site, and assist with the implementation of a new, more sophisticated look and feel.

DF Communications streamlined the existing information infrastructure to simplify navigation, and set design specifications and requirements for the new look, to ensure a better and more consistent presentation across the entire site. We recommended switching from dark backgrounds, disproportionately large graphics, and very wide pages requiring horizontal scrolling, to a cleaner look with shorter and narrower pages containing less but more succinct copy, backgrounds with plenty of white space, and subtle color highlights.

Hierarchical navigation menus with multiple image rollovers --both in the main navigation graphics and sub-navigation graphics-- helped give the new site a more technologically current feel --the key to establishing DesignTribe as a player in Web design.

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