DF Communications: Project Profiles

Client: Metrius
Project: Re-design of E.piphany Web Site

In late January 2000, Donya joined the 5-member core team at Metrius (a subsidiary of KPMG Partners) assigned to produce a major re-design, re-positioning, and expansion of E.piphany's corporate web site.

As the team's Content Producer, Donya managed all aspects of content migration and development; and coordinated the production of new content and integration of existing content into the new site format. Among her many contributions to the project, she:

  • Conducted a thorough review and assessment of the content on E.piphany's legacy Web site

  • Identified all potential user categories for the site and gaps in user flows (i.e. the flow of information) for each category

  • Made detailed recommendations for migrating, replacing, and where necesssary, creating new content

  • Assisted in the development and implementation of a style guide

  • Co-developed the site's new architecture, navigation, and labeling

  • Supervised, coordinated, and edited the work of a team of writers

  • Managed and documented editorial and content production processes and schedules

The ambitious undertaking was completed in approximately 3.5 months. The E.piphany site is located at http://www.epiphany.com.

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