The Soft Ad Group

Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company

Client:   The SoftAd Group
Project: Content Development & Management for Ford Worldwide's Original Site Launch

The SoftAd Group, one of the first interactive marketing firms, brought Donya on board in May 1995 to help them design and develop a web site for their long-time client, Ford Motor Company. The idea was, in part, to re-purpose the content that SoftAd had already developed for the Ford Simulator, an interactive CD-ROM Ford distributes annually to market its vehicles.

In addition to meeting the challenge of creating a very large site that would represent all of Ford and its subsidiaries (not just the Motor division), there was the challenge of creating a somewhat distinct identity and presence for each of the various divisions, while maintaining continuity in the user experience throughout the site.

Donya managed the identification, selection, and conversion of content from Ford's vast repository of corporate material for inclusion on the site. She also developed the site's architecture and navigation and developed most of the HTML templates.

The site was created over a 6 week period by a team of approximately 6 people and launched on July 1, 1995. It was subsequently rated among the Top 1000 sites of the year by PC Magazine.

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