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Project: Web Site Development, Maintenance & Consulting

DF Communications was a long-time member of the now-defunct (originally the Multimedia Development Group), a non-profit industry trade organization serving the multimedia community. Donya was an active volunteer since she first became involved with MDG in the spring of 1994. As a participant in its 1995 Technology Committee, she was instrumental in helping the organization develop and produce its first web site which launched in December 1995.

Since the site's inception, Donya shared responsibility for maintaining it with various organizations and individual volunteers. In the spring of 1997, she directed a re-structuring of the site, contributed some design enhancements, and managed its ongoing maintenance through the end of 1998. From regular updates to new additions, continued structural enhancements, and increased interactivity, we worked with staff and volunteers to establish procedures and standards that ensured consistency in the way information was prepared and presented through each evolution of the site.

Working in conjunction with the former executive director, Donya re-designed and implemented online versions of the organization's various membership forms, and created several event registration forms. Both of these contributions resulted in a huge time-savings for the tiny, overworked staff, enabling them to turn their focus to other important organization business.

DF Communications also acted as a consultant on a pro-bono basis, helping establish requirements and identify resources for future Web site expansion and related independent projects.

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