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Netscape Communications

Netscape Communications

Client: Netscape Communications Corporation
Project: Managing Development & Conversion of Materials for the Netscape Server Central Site

DF Communications assisted Netscape in the development and production of several white papers, deployment guides, and marketing materials for the Server Central section of its web site, during the first quarter of 1997.

As an on-site producer, Donya met with various internal clients to clarify goals and set expectations for several overlapping and tightly scheduled projects. This included working closely with key members of Netscape's electronic marketing department and a handful of outside vendors to coordinate and produce the various pieces which included:

  • An updated Data Sheet and FAQ for Enterprise Server 3.0 beta release
  • A brand new 30-page Enterprise Server 3.0 Evaluation Guide
  • A 50-page Intranet Deployment Study conducted in conjunction with KPMG at KeyLabs to quantify the performance of an intranet supporting thousands of simulated users.

Netscape later asked Donya to manage the production of two subsequent projects which were handled primarily offsite. The pieces produced were:

  • A 20-page Migration Toolkit White Paper about migrating legacy systems to Netscape's server solutions.
  • A 60-page Intranet Deployment Guide with 7 custom diagrams created from scratch.

Most of the pieces that were produced involved coordinating the creation and proper placement of numerous custom diagrams, graphs, and charts.

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