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Multimedia Development Group Releases White Paper
on Global Market for Multimedia

Findings Reveal Compelling Opportunities for U.S. Companies

San Francisco, CA. . . November 9, 1994. Recognizing the crucial role international markets will play in the sustained growth and future development of the multimedia industry, the Multimedia Development Group (MDG) today released the findings of its first white paper on international multimedia, Going Global: Multimedia Marketing & Distribution 1994-1995

Produced by the MDG International Group, a committee of the Multimedia Development Group, the white paper is a comprehensive study of global opportunities for multimedia development, marketing and distribution, in over 25 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. The premise of the white paper is that multimedia is the international language, and that content developers should view the marketplace with a global perspective.

What the findings of this exhaustive study reveal is that countries like France, Germany, and Japan are currently better prepared than the United States or Canada, to deliver broad band multimedia to their populations, and are simply waiting to implement the technologies that will open this market. At the same time, Asian and Pacific Rim nations like Singapore and Thailand, are developing telecommunications infrastructures and preparing to integrate advanced information technology into every aspect of their societies.

Other interesting findings are the presence of emerging markets in third world countries such as India, Egypt, Nigeria and Kenya. The study indicates that there are approximately 40 significant metropolitan areas on the African continent with government and corporate businesses utilizing computer technology. As a result, many are striving to liberalize and modernize their telecommunications and computing infrastructures through the use of advanced technologies. Because these countries are not handicapped with existing networks to convert, they can leapfrog into the 21st Century with some of the best digital technologies available, and offer a useful terrain for multimedia products and services.

While the United States presently enjoys a large and dominant share of the world market for multimedia, the imminent deregulation of telecommunications overseas will open up vast foreign markets. As these markets grow, they will be looking to the United States, long recognized as a world leader in entertainment, for content.

The authors of the study conclude that with both established foreign markets and emerging third world markets continuing to grow at an accelerated pace, the United States has a unique opportunity to establish itself as the global leader in this industry. If American companies take advantage of the current opportunities available to them to form strategic global alliances, they will be well positioned to enter and prosper in foreign markets.

"The MDG International Group is committed to helping U.S. developers expand into the international market by educating them about specific overseas markets and issues, and introducing them to European, Asian and Pacific Rim publishers and distributors," said Jacques Gauchey, the committee's 1995 Chairperson.

The Multimedia Development Group (MDG) is a San Francisco-based non-profit trade association serving the business and professional needs of the multimedia community. Established in February 1993, MDG promotes growth in the multimedia community and marketplace by facilitating communication and linkages among developers, professional service firms, technology companies and potential customers, with a special emphasis on the creative needs of multimedia developers.

The MDG International Group, is a volunteer committee of dedicated professionals representing all aspects of the multimedia industry. Their goal is to educate current and potential members about international markets and facilitate their expansion into these markets.

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