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PC Product Lines Adapted for Full Plug and Play Benefits

Fremont, CA, November 30, 1994 . . . Intelligent Computers and Technologies announced that it has been working very closely with Microsoft Corporation to enable its PC products and systems to take full advantage of the "Plug and Play" architecture required to run the new Windows 95 operating system.

"Intelligent is committed to providing customer satisfaction. We want our customers to be able to enjoy the numerous benefits of the Windows 95 operating system as soon as it is available." said Babar Hamirani, President and CEO of Intelligent. "With Windows 95, customers of our Intelesys and Amerigo PCs can experience improved system integration, which allows applications to run faster and more efficiently. Better integration also means that the system can be run without being configured by the user, which will quickly translate into substantial customer support cost savings as well."

The Plug and Play architecture of the Windows 95 system will make PCs more appealing and easier to use, offering more hardware features without the need for additional customer support. Plug and Play specifications define how the various hardware pieces, software drivers, and operating systems interact. No longer will the user be required to manually set jumpers and switches to redirect IRQs, DMA channels, or I/O port addresses.

Plug and Play is designed so that adding a device, whether permanently or dynamically, requires nothing more than taking it out of the box and plugging it in. The PC seamlessly adjusts to the new configuration --that is, the system software automatically adjusts to the changes and invisibly changes its configuration to comply with the new hardware.

Plug and Play offers an economically feasible way to identify and configure devices, while reducing hardware complexity and increasing hardware flexibility for the user. To fully implement a Plug and Play PC system, changes must be made to the BIOS, the hardware, the device drivers, and the operating system. "We are in the process of optimizing our PC product lines to comply with the Plug and Play Association's Plug and Play BIOS 1.0a specification," said Hamirani "Since all of our PC products are either 486 or Pentium-based machines, they already meet most of the minimum requirements for Windows 95. The only changes that need to be made are to the system BIOS, which are being enhanced to provide the necessary boot device configuration and dynamic event notification services."

All of Intelligent's PCs come bundled with a Microsoft suite of products including the latest versions of MS-DOS, Windows for Workgroups, Works, Money, Publisher and Encarta. Once Windows 95 is available, it will be bundled with all Intelligent PCs in the place of Windows for Workgroups. Intelligent customers who purchase PCs with Windows for Workgroups after [date to be determined] will be eligible for a special Windows 95 upgrade price.

Intelligent Computers and Technologies is a privately held company specializing in PC systems integration. Headquartered in Fremont, California, the company offers two product lines: the Intelesys line, which is marketed directly to small and medium-sized businesses; and the Amerigo line, which is sold in retail stores only, and is currently available in over 400 retail outlets throughout the United States.

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