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"An amazing tour-de-force. How could so much be presented so well in so little time?"

"This was the most fun and clearly presented class I've ever attended here."

"I learned a lot. This class has set me up to learn even more. Thanks!!"

"Donya really knew how to bring this complex information down to my level."

"Good explanations --not too technical nor too basic."

"This class exceeded my expectations. It was not dry or dull and had a good amount of info explained in a great way. Thanks for a good class."

"I came away feeling like I had mastered a previously mysterious technique."

"Donya is very knowledgeable and communicates very effectively. Easy to learn from!"

"Good handout --complete with info sources. In class "hands-on" exercises were right to the point."

"Pace was excellent. Instructor had a super attitude."

"I really enjoyed this class. It was informative and fun!"

"Donya is so personable and friendly. She is knowledgeable and I feel I learned from the best"